Service Trois Pièces

Service Trois Pièces 
Performance, typewriter, typed roll of canvas, projector, mindmap
Fureur de Lire Festival, Théâtre Pitoëff, Geneva, CH
©David Wagnières

Reading of the nine-chapter book Service Trois Pièces in 2019.
During each performance, one or more of the chapters are read and recorded, then played in front of an audience in a simple setting: a table, a chair and electronic devices placed on top of it.

Le Complot (The Conspiracy): screen shots from a smartphone are printed from a laptop. Always the same neutral background where merely the time is featured. The background was captured by chance throughout the whole of 2018, at each mirror hour.

Note sur les objets présents dans 17m2 (Notes on the objects found in 17m2): the map of this room is drawn on an overhead projector while its inventory is read.

Capital: a roll of typed cloth is unrolled from a typewriter as the inventory is listened to.


Performance, table, chair, sheet, typewriter, typed roll of canvas, loudspeakers, text, sound
A text from Service Trois Pièces
ACT Festival, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva, CH
©Aloïs Godinat