Klingnau, 15 x 12 cm, 36 pages, 30 copies, laser print on 140g recycled paper, leather on cardboard cover, HEAD–Geneva, CH, 2019

Klingnau is a series of sixteen grey photographs, taken with a digital camera over the course of one afternoon, in places generally exempt of human presence, verging on the illegal, near a small village called Klingnau, in Aargau (Switzerland).
There are many fields, a few motorways and national highways running through the canton, small towns or hamlets spread out not far from the river Aare, and the industries that have cropped up all along it.

These photographs have never been exhibited, only published in a small thirty page book with the same name as the village in which they were taken.
The beginning of the story (translated from German) reads:
“Aargau is grey. Aargau is almost always grey.“