Acrobatic Painting

Acrobatic Painting, dimensions variable, installation, oil on linen, canvas, wood, cardboard and paper, collected and painted objects, typed roll of canvas, spray on plaster and cardboard
Solo show, E-Werk, Freiburg im Breisgau, DE, 2020

Exploring shapes and forms through observation of acrobats, gymnasts, and athletes, done in a series of paintings and drawings. The exploration is inspired by music listened to during lockdown. Several album covers that also depict human figures in absurd positions were used as models.

During the opening night, a text oscillating between automatic writing and whimsical interpretation is performed by Selma Kahoul.

Lastly, it’s a physical exploration happening in, and around the exhibition space because of the numerous to and fro trips the artist had to make between his place of work and artistic residency. Artefacts found and kept in the Kabuff (storage room) were collected over the months. In contrast to the reality of the current cultural world, the collection is presented in a completely constraint free from.

Kabuff Collective