150 x 130 cm (each)
Print on polyester, metal eyelets
On fait le tour de la maison! group show (cur. art&fiction)
w. Stéphane Bresset, Benoît Chevallier, Stéphane Fretz, Alexandre Loye, Jean MacDougall, Giancarlo Mino, Maxime Pégatoquet, Ana Rodriguez, Claudius Weber, Philippe Weissbrodt
XXaf Festival, Les Arches, Lausanne, CH
©Luca Kasper

Ten typewritten punchlines on raw painter's canvas and then printed on ten polyester flags.
Based on a description of ten book displays, by Stéphane Fretz, co-founder and editor of art&fiction, for one of the twenty events of the XXaf Festival, celebrating the twenty years of the publishing house.