Wall paintings

Antimur (w. Simon Boixader)

250 x 500 cm
Wall painting, acrylic and marker
w. Simon Boixader
L'Antichambre, Carouge, CH
©Simon Boixader

Mural painting in the recording studio of l’Antichambre, a band from Geneva.
Antimur is based on a photograph of the entrance of the elevator leading to the studio.
The texture of the blue and red frame is inspired by the surface of a planet.
The door and the top bars are painted in the colours of the corridor. 
The interconnected dots represent the Hydra constellation, the bands inspiration.


FONDAMENTAL ? (w. Diane Rivoire)

400 x 400 cm
Metallic wall paint, laser cut on wood
Sammelsurium group show
Espace Cheminée Nord, Usine Kugler, Geneva, CH
©Antoine Siron

A golden mural painted in collaboration with Diane Rivoire, small wooden lettering forms the question “FONDAMENTAL?“ (FUNDAMENTAL?).
During the opening, Diane performs Passe-muraille; she passes through a human-sized wooden cuckoo clock placed in front of the golden wall, and involves three associates.

Osmose (One for Ssam)

Osmose (One for Ssam)
350 x 1250 cm 
Wall painting
Osmose - Engrenage duo show (w. collectif CERES) (cur. collectif Hapax-21)
Usine à Gaz, Nyon, CH