Wall paintings

Antimur (w. Simon Boixader)

Antimur (w. Simon Boixader)
250 x 500 cm
Acrylic and marker on wall
Carouge, Switzerland
© Simon Boixader

Assistant: Timothy Gueuning.

Mural painting in the recording studio of l’Antichambre, a band from Geneva.
Antimur is based on a photograph of the entrance of the elevator leading to the studio.
The texture of the blue and red frame is inspired by the surface of a planet.
The door and the top bars are painted in the colours of the corridor. The interconnected dots represent the Hydra constellation, the bands inspiration.


FONDAMENTAL ? (w. Diane Rivoire)

FONDAMENTAL ? (w. Diane Rivoire)
400 x 400 cm
Metallic wall paint, laser cut on wood
Espace Cheminée Nord, Usine Kugler, Geneva
© Antoine Siron

Part of the Sammelsurium collective show.

A golden mural painted in collaboration with Diane Rivoire, small wooden lettering forms the question “FONDAMENTAL?“ (FUNDAMENTAL?).
During the opening, Diane performs Passe-muraille; she passes through a human-sized wooden cuckoo clock placed in front of the golden wall, and involves three associates, Lucie Cellier, Annabelle Galland and Ekaterina Kotelskaya.

Osmose (One for Ssam)

Osmose (One for Ssam)
3.5 x 12.5 m 
Wall painting
Osmose - Engrenage duo show (w. collectif CERES) (cur. collectif Hapax-21)
Usine à Gaz, Nyon, Switzerland

Assistants : Houssam Bey, Marc Dias, Eline Domange, Philippe Gelewski, Timothy Gueuning.



350 x 400 cm
Wall painting, acrylic and Indian ink
L'Arcade aux Grottes, Geneva, Switzerland