Service Trois Pièces

Service Trois Pièces, 21 x 13 cm, 180 pages, 100 copies, laser print on 90g and 100g recycled paper, cardboard cover on 250g recycled paper, self-publication, 2020 ©Zoé Aubry
ISBN 978-2-940510-57-3

Service Trois Pièces is a book in three parts with three chapters each, interspersed with snippets of an instant messaging conversation between two anonymous people. It opens with a handmade index, then the book itself, and a fold-out map in A3 format.

Service Une Pièce (Part 1)

Tentative de formulation (Attempt to formulate) or “how to reveal the invisible part of the artist’s work?“ is a prologue.
Label Night is a two-voice story of the creation of an independent music label. It’s told on the one hand through the perspective of its founder, Fabio Gelewski and on the other through the perspective of a narrator.
A.T. explores the complete discography of Aphex Twin, chronologically and factually.

Service Deux Pièces (Part 2)

Le Complot (The Conspiracy) is a tirade exposing the problem of a smartphone and its user.
Microcosme (Microcosm) is a complete guide to a multitude of entities in Geneva and of some surrounding cities, a kind of cultural mapping. A sociological essay by Tschani Boulens ends the chapter.
Note sur les objets présents dans 17m2 (Notes on the objects found in 17m2) is a complete inventory of an apartment.

Service Trois Pièces (Part 3)

3 en 1 (3 in 1) or “fictitious interview compiled from three real interviews.“ With:
– Sabrina Fernández Casas, artist and co-founder of MACACO Press, an independent and itinerant publishing house.
– Aurélien Martin, artist and founder of the creative space La Vraie Vie, on his book Quelques artist-run spaces en Suisse.
– Sayaka Mizuno, filmmaker, on her film Kawasaki Keirin.
Capital is an artist’s monologue assessing his financial situation and his working hours, intersected by a quote by Jean Ziegler.
Geneva’s Got Talent II replicates the style of the guide, subjective, including experiences and testimonials. Often with quotes from the structures themselves or from articles presenting their work. The chapter ends with a short quote by Jonas Hermenjat, an epilogue.


VOLUMES Archive, Zurich, CH
FMACmedia library, Geneva, CH
Swiss National Library, Bern, CH
Library of Geneva, CH
HEAD-Geneva Library, CH