Sealed for your protection

Sealed for your protection 
Duo show by Julie Sando + Vanessa Urben
Soul2Soul, Ressources Urbaines, Geneva, CH

SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION is the phrase taken from a protective washer on a food jar (hermetically sealed before opening the package). In this context, the artists found this sentence both comical and absurd. While the washer is only a protection of poor quality food ensuring the hygiene of the industrial product, the sentence seems excessive and seems to refer more to an authority, or even an emergency.
The artists have decided to take up the sentence and reinterpret it in a broader way around the theme of "protection", and more precisely the use of this term by the power/authorities.
In this context, the notions of soft power and hard power challenge them. They approach them in a metaphorical way, while questioning their sometimes absurd - or even abusive - uses (manipulations, media, politician's speeches, police violence, etc.) through an installation thought out in pairs, mixing texts, drawings, objects, textures and videos.