Sammelsurium (bureau des questions fondamentales)
Group show
w. Vesna Bilanovic & David Sentkar, Bianca Maria Guala, Luca Kasper & Antoine Siron, Julie Marmet, Diane Rivoire
Support for production: Geneva Cantonal Fund for Contemporary Art (FCAC)
Espace Cheminée Nord, Usine Kugler, Geneva, CH
©Yann Haeberlin/©Antoine Siron

Group exhibition in which eight artists explore the meaning of the term “Fundamental.”
A Fundamental Questions Bureau is set up in the corner.
A table and a chair borrowed from a museum, the 19th edition of the Brockhaus Encyclopeadia in 24 volumes + 1 appendix placed on top, a handmade ink pad and stamp reading “OF NO INTEREST” purchased in Paris, and anonymous letters of rejection for grant applications displayed in recycled frames.
A golden mural painted in collaboration with Diane Rivoire, small wooden lettering forms the question “FONDAMENTAL?“ (FUNDAMENTAL?).
During the opening, Diane performs Passe-muraille; she passes through a human-sized wooden cuckoo clock placed in front of the golden wall, and involves three associates, Lucie Cellier, Annabelle Galland and Ekaterina Kotelskaya.
A piece by Bianca Maria Guala consists of a few tree branches placed in a rectangle on the ground and plastic cushions filled with water in the middle. A projector is hung from the ceiling and projects edited footage from the preparation of the exhibition.
A piece by Luca Kasper & Antoine Siron recreates the interior of the bedroom of two conspirators, one of the web and one of popular contemporary art. Two old-fashioned computer screens and small machines printing out slogans are placed on a corner desk. The sound and image of the looping videos are distorted.
A few copies of Julie Marmet’s book Rémunérer les artistes are placed on a display at the entrance. The display is brought to life through the authors lecture “Un travail annexe : les enjeux de la rémunération des artistes* à Genève” performed during the opening night and in parallel to another event Atelier (rrr)ouvre-toi, where a large number of artists’ studios in Geneva open their doors to the public. After le lecture, soup is served by Lorraine Baylac in the exhibition area.
At the end of the evening, a sculpture by Vesna Bilanovic & David Sentkar is activated through their duo performance En attendant la mer, where text written in charcoal on a wall is recited and played on speakers throughout the space.
The papier-mâché structure made of unpaid bills is partially covered with chalk drawings made by the artists, whose costumes are then scattered on the floor.