Pourquoi les boîtes de pizzas sont-elles carrées ?

Pourquoi les boites de pizza sont-elles carrées ?
Duo show by Yvan Alvarez & Paul Hutzli
Soul2Soul, Ressources Urbaines, Geneva, CH
©Yvan Alvarez

Yvan Alvarez, through photography, installation and sculpture, creates surprising confrontations, often using everyday objects that conceal a story. His works contain a subtle contradiction that does not give itself away, giving them a strange aura. 
Paul Hutzli also draws inspiration from everyday life. He uses different mediums like painting, drawing,sculpture and installation and combines them through various crafts and practices, such as trompe l’oeil, carnival or stained glass. 
The two artists have a common interest in what is to be perceived as normal, established, in order to question the way in which this norm is established.
They talk about everyday life, not excluding humorous or intimate subjects.
In this respect, this proposal resembles more a studio party than an exhibition. 
Do not sit on the chairs, they are made of papier-mâché.