390 x 400 x 300 cm
Installation, wall painting, oil, acrylic and transparent varnish on jute canvas, collected and painted objects from the city of Halle, digital printed inventory on paper
Hermès5 group show (cur. Sophia Schama), Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, DE

There is no Kunsthalle in Halle. The city’s coat of arms is red and white, with a crescent moon and a star, reminiscent of some flags of other countries. These colours and patterns are in part included in the installation.
In every administrative or artistic correspondence, it must be specified that it is Halle (an der Saale), i.e. “Halle-sur-la-Saale“, in French. A certain lack of the French-speaking world is therefore felt after some time.
Over the months, a large number of objects were accumulated. They were collected during aimless wanderings in the streets. A few books are from flea markets or historical museums. They often evoke the city’s East German industrialist past. Some objects are tools or drawings donated by other artists working in the building, such as the small charcoal sketch by Julius Walter Scholz framed at the bottom left of the project.
An inventory, in A6 format, can be consulted by the audience as a fake exhibition leaflet.
Here, the space that was used as a work place for six months transforms into a temporary exhibition area. Everything that was collected during that period is hung on a wall or placed on two stands and a table on the floor.
A Kunst-Halle-an-der-Saale exists for the duration of an exhibition.