250 x 700 x 350 cm
Installation, metallic wall paint, oil on canvas and wood, watercolor on cork, acrylic on paper, spray on cardboard, plexiglas, plaster and wood, collected and painted objects from the city of Geneva, typed inventory on paper
Work.Master, HEAD–Geneva, CH

Fantasy workshop situated on the first floor of the Boulevard Helvétique 9 (Geneva, Switzerland).
A mural is painted with a mix of gold pigments in transparent acrylic. Two workshop tables are placed the foreground.
Among other objects, some plaster casts made from various containers and painted with a brush or aerosols are placed on it. Frames salvaged from the street or from the school are mounted on the walls. A few pieces of broken frames are put up above and around them. The entire art installation is designed for this portion of the wall that was imposed by the school requirements.
A large wooden door frame, painted in the two main colours is erected in front of it and allows you to enter this ephemeral space.
An inventory is made and typed up with a typewriter, but is not visible in the room.