600 x 1200 x 700 cm
Installation, oil on canvas and wood, silver spray on plaster, typed roll of canvas, risograph print on paper, studio table, books, music, sound, performance
(w. the complicity of Gabriel Alexandrino, Romane Chabrol, Luca Kasper, David Sentkar, Antoine Siron)
MFA Diploma, Work.Master, HEAD–Geneva, CH
©Zoé Aubry/©Emily Bonnet

In a large, almost empty studio, the art work, paintings and furniture lean against the walls, backs to the audience.
When the audience enters the room, a vinyl LP is playing on an old stereo. Then a list is read aloud, one item after the other.

The first item is “Painting.” 
The five associates stand up and hang the paintings on the walls, making them visible to the audience; most of the paintings are from previous exhibitions.
The second item is “Installation.” 
Plaster sculptures, trestles, plinths and other objects are placed around the room.
The third item “Painting – not on canvas.” 
The sleeve of the LP being played is turned round; it is a painting made in collaboration with one of the associates.
The fourth item is “Mind maps.” 
They were drawn in different cities, between 2017 and 2018, and numbered in sequence. Two of them, risograph prints, are hung in a corner.
The fifth item is “Texts typed on canvas.” 
Two scrolls of typed canvas fixed to the wall, one of them painted, are unrolled.
The sixth item is “Photos and videos taken in places where people live or work.”
A small black and white book with black and white photos called Klingnau is opened, then an old CRT TV is turned on, a still frame video with monotonous narration is payed.
The seventh item is “A book called Service Trois Pièces.”
A stack of fifteen handmade editions of the book is placed on a stand, underneath the two mind maps hanging in the corner.
The eighth item is “Handmade editions.” 
A worktop - on which lies a whole collection of micro editions, monographs, exhibition catalogues, most of which appear in the bibliography of Service Trois Pièces - is set up on the trestles.
The ninth item is “Texts read during performances with a typewriter.”
A ten-meter-long scroll of cloth with the entire script of the book Service Trois Pièces typed onto it is unrolled from a typewriter.
The last item is “Performances with and/or for other people.”
A painter’s overalls, used in a group performance called NASA, are hung on the wall.

The whole exhibition was assembled in fifteen minutes – an inventory of every item is typed up on the typewriter before the discussion begins.