Acrobatic Painting

Acrobatic Painting
500 x 600 x 800 cm
Installation, oil on canvas, wood, cardboard and paper, collected and painted objects from the city of Freiburg, typed roll of canvas, spray on plaster and cardboard, performance, text, sound
(w. the complicity of Selma Kahoul)
Solo show, Kabuff residency, E-Werk, Freiburg im Breisgau, DE

Here, a formal research on the observation of acrobats, gymnasts and athletes is transposed to a series of paintings and drawings. 
It is inspired by listening to music during the entire lockdown. Several album covers feature such human figures in absurd positions which are chosen as models for visual study. 
Three texts juggling between automatic writing, referenced reading by Hubert Renard (Sans Titre, art&fiction, 2013) and whimsical interpretation, performed and read in space by Selma, on soundtracks by Clark, Ennio Morricone and Goldfrapp, on the evening of the opening.
Or as a comment randomly found on a large video platform would say:
"It reminds me of an innocent and happy village idiot on a beautiful summer day, walking in the sun, climbing peach trees, and walking to the river for swimming and fishing."